Jury Research
Online Focus Groups - Jury Confirm
Jury Confirm, Magna's Online Jury Research program, offers cost-effective, timely analysis and feedback of a jury's response to a client's case. By customizing software, Magna provides clients with insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their case and an understanding of the jury's potential thought process.

Jury Confirm's interface uses instant feedback technology, online polling, and moderated break-out deliberation rooms to create the benefits of in-person research in an online environment. This online alternative is designed to offer litigators the ability to conduct jury research at a reduced cost while still preserving its strategic benefits.

Jury Confirm 2.0 Key Features:

 Virtual simulation of court room environment
 Live attorney presentations
 Interactive avatars representing live jurors
 Live jury deliberations (w/ 4 deliberation groups and 40 total jurors per session)
 Detailed Reports featuring Case evaluation, theme development, and jury profiles
 Enhanced Knowledge based management system
 Reduced costs and time efficient

The Online Jury Research program eliminates all budgetary and time constraints and allows trial lawyers to learn the most about the jury and their case in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

Jury Confirm is a low cost research alternative for:

 Commercial Litigation
 Serial Tort Litigation
 Personal Injury
 Medical Malpractice
 Plaintiff Case Assessment
 First Stage in High Value Matters
 Opening statement assessment
 Early stages of case development
 Cases involving multiple causes of action

PRE-TRIAL: View Video Demo
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TRIAL: View Video Demo
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