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Jury Research
Mock Trials
We have conducted hundreds of trial simulations for our clients in every type of litigation. During this research, surrogate jurors provide their reactions to an overview of the entire case including openings/closing statements, evidence, key witnesses’ testimonies (videotaped or live) and graphics.

The results of this research provide invaluable feedback on case strengths and weaknesses, reactions to witnesses, evidence and demonstratives, as well as the messaging that persuasively resonates with the jury.
Focus Groups
The development of persuasive storylines is critical for persuading juries. Magna’s research is designed to develop and test persuasive and compelling trial themes and strategies that enhance and reinforce positive case reactions while countering an adversary's arguments and evidence.

Importantly, these trial themes are also used to simplify complex information and increase juror comprehension.
Jury Selection
Our jury profiling research along with our experience having selected jurors in thousands of cases provide you with the information you need to make jury selection decisions. We have developed in-court voir dire questions and written juror questionnaires in venues throughout the United States.

During voir dire, we use this information to rate and rank jurors and make informed recommendations for cause and peremptory challenges. We also recommend follow-up questions and consult with your team throughout the selection process.
Witness Communication Training
Jurors consider themselves experts on people, which means the impressions and opinions jurors have of witnesses influence their decision making, especially when such impressions are negative. We will work with your key witnesses and provide them with performance feedback in a non-threatening context. This will allow your witnesses the opportunity to learn and practice strategies and tactics for improvement.
Community Attitude Research
Jurors pre-existing attitudes, feelings and biases in a particular trial venue may positively or negatively impact your case. Their views are the result of media, experiences, word-of-mouth, community values and many other factors. Our community attitude research is designed to determine what people in the trial venue know about the litigation, their perceptions of the litigants, their case-related attitudes and many other important issues. Magna’s research will uncover juror bias in the venue and offer the information needed to determine whether to file a change of venue motion.
Juror Profiling Research
Given the complexity of evaluating each juror, Magna’s jury profiles are extremely powerful for determining the preexisting attitudes, perceptions, experiences and feelings that influence jurors’ case perceptions and verdict decisions.

Utilizing advanced statistical techniques, we develop models based on juror questionnaires and/or in-court observation which predict dangerous and ideal jurors in your case.
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