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Mark Calzaretta, Director of Litigation Consulting
As a founding partner, and Director of Litigation Consulting, Mark oversees the operations for Magna Legal's Litigation, Graphic and Trial Consulting Team. Mark is a recognized expert in assisting attorneys with development of complex trial strategies, drawing on his extensive background in jury persuasion and analysis, trial technology and behavioral psychology. He has served as lead litigation consultant for hundreds of cases spanning more than twenty jurisdictions, and has mastery of more than a dozen litigation software applications. He has been a leader in the litigation consulting industry for more than 15 years. Recognized for his ability to combine an impressive technological knowledge with his background in Psychology, he has been featured in various publications, including PC Magazine and the National Law Journal, on the subjects of jury research, juror persuasion, legal technology, trial presentation, and litigation support.

Mark has lectured at Temple Law School and Seton Hall School of Law on the subjects of focus groups, jury research, jury selection and voir dire. He has provided continuing legal education courses, presentations and training across the nation for various organizations, law firms, judges and corporate litigation departments. Mark has provided pro bono services for victims of the 9/11 tragedy, in addition to his consulting engagements and legal seminar presentations. Mark is a graduate of SUNY Albany, with a degree in Psychology and Anthropology.

Trial Experience:

  • The first fully multimedia criminal trial in New Jersey: State v. Alex Levine
  • Numerous multimillion dollar medical malpractice cases.
  • Numerous fortune 100 Company product liability cases.
  • Numerous catastrophic personal injury cases.
  • Numerous asbestos cases
  • Numerous toxic tort cases

Jury Selection:

Mark has used his vast trial experience and expertise to aid in the selection of more than 100 juries in high-profile cases.

Litigation Consulting Engagements:

  • Facilitated Numerous Focus Groups and Mock Trials
  • Settlement conferences before numerous judges and arbitrators
  • Depositions and pretrial hearings
  • Expert and Witness Communication Training
  • Pro Bono consulting for WTC victim P.B. who received second largest award from WTC Committee of $7.5M

Provided Presentations and Training For:

  • CLE course: �Juror Persuasion: How Jurors Form Decisions, Case Strategies and Theme Development�, accredited in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Denver, Colorado, Texas, California and Florida
  • New York CLE classes in Court Room Techniques and Technology
  • CLE courses for Pennsylvania Bar Institute & Dispute Resolution Institute
  • Pennsylvania Paralegal CLE courses
  • ATLA Association of Trial Lawyers
  • New Jersey Bar Association
  • New Jersey Board of Governors
  • New York Bar Association
  • Technological Advances in Voir Dire
  • Focus Groups and Mock Trials
  • Courtroom Technology 101


  • Sanction II since product inception
  • Certified in LiveNote

Completed manufacturer reseller training in:

  • Case Map, Time Map, Concordance, Summation & Litigator's Notebook
  • Advanced training in Power Point, Illustrator and Photoshop

David Kurzman, COO Litigation Support Group
As COO of the Ligation Support group, David Kurzman oversees all operations, employees and service offerings; including Jury Research, Graphics Consulting and Presentations Consulting.

Mr. Kurzman has been instrumental in spearheading the technical development of Magna�s online research tool, www.JuryConfirm.com. JuryConfirm.com uses instant feedback technology, online polling, and a fully integrated presentation interface to effectively emulate the benefits of in-person research in an online environment.

With over ten years experience in the litigation support field, David Kurzman entered the industry as a Jury Research Coordinator and Trial Presentation Consultant. As research coordinator, Mr. Kurzman is responsible for all aspects of Jury Research project coordination and set-up; which include matter venue and demographic analysis, mock-jury selection, juror feedback systems and team project management. Mr. Kurzman has participated in numerous jury research sessions for a variety of litigation matters including but not limited to asbestos, mold/mildew, environmental, toxic tort, contract, technology, construction, patent, employment, personal injury, antitrust and medical malpractice.

In his role as a Trial Presentation Consultant Mr. Kurzman�s worked hand in hand with the trial team and witnesses to prepare documents, video depositions and graphics for presentation in the court room. In addition, he advises and assists in honing presentations to optimize juror communication strategies, aiding attorney�s oral arguments. Mr. Kurzman has been engaged in numerous matters including but not limited to asbestos, mold/mildew, environmental, toxic tort, contract, technology, construction, patent, employment, personal injury, antitrust and medical malpractice.

Prior to joining Magna Legal Service�s Mr. Kurzman served as Trial Presentation Consultant and Research Coordinator at Trial Alliance litigation support company.

Gary Calzaretta, Senior Litigation Consultant
Gary Calzaretta is a senior Litigation Consultant at Magna Legal Services with over 150 in court trial experiences. His experience in the litigation field spans 15 years. He has held management positions in all areas of litigation support including document management, trial presentation and consulting. Mr. Calzaretta is familiar with the trial process from beginning to end and has been a major part in the successes of many favorable verdicts. Using his Psychology background, Mr. Calzaretta has assisted in strategic and graphic recommendations to guide in the process of creating persuasive presentations for mediations, arbitrations and jury trials. His areas of trial experience include Medical malpractice, Product Liability, Asbestos, Employment Discrimination, Patent and Personal Injury.

Litigation Consultant:

  • Evaluation and assembly of exhibit databases (Scanning specs, Output specifications, etc.)
  • In court logistics and setup courtroom based upon size and scope
  • On the fly capabilities including document annotations, transcript designations, video clips
  • Extensive experience in focus groups including operation of real time impulse system
  • Recommendations on how to present the most effective visual presentations
  • Graphic concepts and recommendations based upon case details
  • Strategic questioning and witness preparation

Notable Trials

  • Jarwick v. Wilf
  • Commonwealth of PA v. Bristol Myers
  • Commonwealth of PA v. J&J
  • Avaya v. TLI
  • Harman v. Trinity

**References can be furnished upon request

Galina Davidoff Ph.D., Litigation Consultant
Galina Davidoff, Ph.D. is one of the leading experts in development of winning trial strategies for complex commercial and criminal matters. Dr. Davidoff works with many of the top law firms and corporation across the nation, providing creative solutions to difficult persuasion problems based on sound jury research practices, deep understanding of jurors' psychology and over 15 years of experience.� Galina Davidoff consulted on a number of high profile cases and hundreds of cases across the nation. One of the keys to her success has been her ability to brainstorm with the best trial and in-house attorneys, helping them see their cases through jurors' eyes, discovering the best trial and negotiation strategies.

As a litigation and trial consultant, Galina Davidoff has assisted her clients in the development of winning trial strategies, jury selection and voir dire, implementation of shadow juries, witness communication training, ordering evidence, opening/closing statements, the development of themes and arguments, demonstrative evidence preparation, and teaching persuasion techniques. The cases ranged from the most complex intellectual property, securities, toxic tort, product liability, personal injury and contract disputes to white-collar crime and murder.

Dr. Davidoff was awarded her degree by Clark University for the dissertation on discourse psychology of cross-examination and disputes over key terms that define evidence in jurors� eyes.

Galina Davidoff has authored numerous articles on the topics of jury persuasion in addition to leading Continuing Legal Education seminars at prominent Law Schools, Bar Associations, and Trade Groups across the country. Her nation-wide study of most dangerous litigation venues for corporate litigants was covered by Forbes, WSJ and many trade publications. Among her accomplishments, she is most proud of her pro-bono work for America Speaks, Minority Corporate Counsel Association and with Lawyers� Committee for Civil Rights in Boston.�

  • Representative Case List Upon Request
  • Article List Upon Request
  • References Upon Request

Kellie Janke, Litigation Consultant
Kellie is a litigation consultant with Magna Legal Services. She has provided litigation support on a variety of civil matters across the country in the form of jury research including focus groups, venue analysis, voir dire consultation, witness preparation, and jury profiling. Kellie is experienced in all aspects of pre-trial research, including initial case evaluation, study methodology and execution, data analysis, and strategy development and final recommendations.

Her training as a neuroscientist allows her to apply her scientific and clinical expertise to pertinent issues in personal injury matters, intellectual property cases in the biotech and life sciences space, and medical malpractice cases. Kellie draws upon her knowledge of human physiology and neurobiology to understand how all jurors� process, store, and retrieve complex case information and how individual abilities and motivational states impact jury decision making.

Kellie has provided continuing legal education courses and presentations across the nation for various organizations, universities, and law firms. She is a published author in the field of neuroscience and has presented her research at numerous conferences. She is a member of the Society for Neuroscience and the American Society of Trial Consultants. She has a Master�s of Science degree in Neural and Cognitive Science and is obtaining her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Rutgers Medical School.

Eric Lalande, Litigation Consultant
Eric Lalande, M.A. is a Litigation Consultant with Magna Legal Services, LLC. Eric�s primary role as a litigation consultant is to assists trial counsels with creating effective trial strategies and arguments for a wide range of complex litigation issues using various research methodologies including, focus group moderation, mock trials, shadow juries, jury selection/voir dire and quantitative research development. In addition Mr. Lalande also works directly with counsel to develop complex trial graphics to present the most persuasive themes at trial.

Before working in the litigation consulting field, Mr. Lalande spent years working as a therapist for individuals with substance abuse addictions and developmental disorders. He brings hands-on experience to our consulting team regarding how individuals learn and retain information and how individuals make decisions in group settings.

Mr. Lalande has worked on diverse set of cases including but not limited to medical malpractice, personal injury, insurance coverage, financial, patent/IP, construction and contractual disputes.

Eric Lalande is a regular guest-lecturer at the Pennsylvania State University and has presented lessons on jury research, focus groups, jury selection and voir dire. He has provided continuing legal education courses and presentations for various legal firms and organizations. Mr. Lalande is a Penn State graduate with a degree in Psychology and he obtain his Master�s in Criminology from DeSales University.

Hiliary Remick, Esq., Litigation Consultant
Hiliary Remick, Esq. is a Litigation Consultant with Magna Legal Services, LLC. She assists trial counsel with creation of trial strategies in litigation throughout the country. Her work includes focus group facilitation and analysis, creation of case themes and arguments in complex litigation matters, and the development of complex trial graphics as persuasive courtroom tools.

Before joining Magna, Ms. Remick worked as a trial attorney for over twenty years in the fields of personal injury and commercial litigation. She brings hands-on legal experience to her work as a member of our consulting team. Her professional background includes work in the fields of asbestos litigation, construction and asbestos abatement litigation, and product liability, and a variety of personal injury and professional malpractice claims. A veteran Courtroom attorney, her work with Magna as a Litigation Consultant has included focus group research in diverse matters such as mold/environmental litigation, construction and a wide range of personal injury actions.

Hiliary Remick earned her Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude in Political Science and English from the University of Pennsylvania, and her Juris Doctor from Villanova University School of Law. She is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the American Society of Trial Consultants.

Rachel York, Ph.D., Litigation Consultant
Rachel York has a doctorate in legal psychology from Florida International University and a B.A. in psychology and sociology from the University of Virginia. Her education involved extensive coursework and research training, specifically in the area of jury decision-making.

Dr. York has over four years of experience in litigation consulting. She has provided litigation support for a variety of civil and criminal matters in the form of jury research, including focus groups, mock trials, and community attitude surveys, as well as other trial preparation strategies such as voir dire consultation, jury selection, witness preparation, and trial monitoring. Dr. York has consulted on numerous multi-million dollar cases, including property and contract disputes, anti-trust, accounting fraud and malpractice, legal malpractice, securities fraud, negligence, personal injury, and product liability. Dr. York is experienced in all aspects of pre-trial research, including initial case analysis and strategy, preparation and facilitation of research projects, review and analysis of research data, and preparation of final reports and recommendations.

Dr. York is a member of the American Psychology-Law Society, a division of the American Psychological Association, as well as the American Society of Trial Consultants. Dr. York has presented several papers at research conferences, and in 2007, she co-authored an article on the "CSI Effect" in the Judicial Notebook section of the American Psychological Association�s publication, Monitor on Psychology. Additionally, she has co-authored a chapter on the Cognitive Interview in the book, Psychology of Criminal Investigation: The Research of the Truth.