Jury Research
Who are the worst and best jurors for your case? Is your trial story believable? What are the strengths of your case you can emphasize, and the weaknesses that you can eliminate? These are only some of the questions that Magna can help you answer.

Our consultants can assist in:

I would not go to a significant trial without conducting Jury Research with Magna.
Magna's Jury Research strategy and recommendations are unparalleled.
Magna's Witness Communication Consultants assisted our key witness tell his trial story and alleviate his fears at deposition and then at trial.
ClaimScout.com helped us determine that the plaintiff in our case was exaggerating her claim.
JuryScout.com is an invaluable tool in jury selection and jury monitoring. It is a tool that every lawyer in 2011 should be utilizing.
Magna's Jury Confirm is one of the most valuable, innovative, and affordable litigation tools I have ever encountered.
The information we collected from our Jury Confirm was absolutely essential in settling this case. Upon reviewing the feedback given from our mock jury, we were amazed to learn about the juror's true attitudes towards our case, and we now know that going to trial would have been a disastrous decision.
We use Magna's Jury Confirm for any case with nominal exposure. It has proven time and again to be a necessary tool when it comes to compiling real juror research, it's difficult to imagine going to trial without it.
Magna's use of cost effective technology makes it easy for us to conduct jury research from our own office and proves once again that Magna is way ahead of the curve.
 Focus Group Research
 Mock Trial Research
 Thematic Development Research
 Perception Studies
 Case Risk Assessment
 Change of Venue Studies
 Jury Selection Assistance
 Witness Communication Training
 Shadow Jury Studies
 Online Jury Research (JuryConfirm.com)

Our jury consultants are the best in the industry, with experience on many high profile cases. Let us help you see your case through the jurors' eyes.